For a Culture of Peace!

India , a land of culture and wisdom , abode of many religions, is poisoned by an increasing rate of violence, both physical and passive.Once a peaceful country,it is ranked very low in safety and trust. May be it a global problem but for India, supposed to be a leader in world peace, we have to look at the problem very seriously. From a culture of violence, a shift to a culture of peace is what India needs today. In my opinion the best possible way is educating our children for a culture of peace.This could be done both formally and informally and will eventually lead to societal involvement and societal change!.All organisations working in the field of peace should work hand in hand. There are so many NGOs and Governmental organisations working for this good cause, but they need integration. Attitudinal change is possible only through a united action.I hope Wiser India can take a good lead by bringing like-minded people and organisations who are determined and committed to make India wiser in all aspects!

George PS

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