Stop negative thinking!

The way to overcome negative thoughts and destructive emotions is to develop opposing, positive emotions that are stronger and more powerful.” – Dalai Lama Life could be so much better for many people, if they would just spot their negative thinking habits and replace them with positive ones. Negative thinking, in all its many-splendored forms, Read more about Stop negative thinking![…]

Oct.2- International Day For Emphatic Action

IDEA Empathy Training Suggestions (KM 7.27.09) Purpose of this training: • To explore practical, learnable ways to help people connect more deeply with themselves and others • To transform blame, anger and criticism into understanding, effective communication and the peaceful resolution of conflict. • To strengthen our ability to inspire compassion and teamwork from others. Read more about Oct.2- International Day For Emphatic Action[…]

Compassionate Communication

Compassionate Communication-Introducing the concept(as I understood) (Based on Nonviolent Communication as developed by Marshall. B. Rosenberg Ph.D.)  (George Polackal, NVC supporter, Kochi) Nonviolent Communication, also known as Compassionate Communication is a process initiated by Marshall B Rosenberg Ph.D. More than a process it is a way of life, leading to the much sought after peace, Read more about Compassionate Communication[…]